It is so hard to decide on a lawyer when you were just arrested and have no personal experience with any lawyer before. I was so lucky to find Mr.Weinstein after searching online after I was stopped for speeding then charged with Illegal prescription drugs.

This man was perfect. He spent 1-1/2 hrs with me when we first met. He was so thorough going over everything about my case and how the system works. Mr. Weinstein combines knowledge, iintelligence and compassion. I came to his office a complete wreck, and left feeling totally confident in his hands. His fee was totally reasonable (I would have paid him double what he charged.)

It was obvious when we were in court that he had the respect of the prosecutor and the judge. He handled them like a real pro, and found a way to get the charges that would have gotten my DL suspended dismissed! I plea bargained to a minor violation and got just a $50 fine. I couldn’t believe it and was so happy I kissed him.

Mr. Weinstein is the best, and if you should have the need you should forget the sharks out there and go right to Howard. He was an absolute godsend for me.