It is so hard to decide on a lawyer when you were just arrested and have no personal experience with any lawyer before. I was so lucky to find Mr.Weinstein after searching online after I was stopped for speeding then charged with Illegal prescription drugs.

This man was perfect. He spent 1-1/2 hrs with me when we first met. He was so thorough going over everything about my case and how the system works. Mr. Weinstein combines knowledge, iintelligence and compassion. I came to his office a complete wreck, and left feeling totally confident in his hands. His fee was totally reasonable (I would have paid him double what he charged.)

It was obvious when we were in court that he had the respect of the prosecutor and the judge. He handled them like a real pro, and found a way to get the charges that would have gotten my DL suspended dismissed! I plea bargained to a minor violation and got just a $50 fine. I couldn’t believe it and was so happy I kissed him.

Mr. Weinstein is the best, and if you should have the need you should forget the sharks out there and go right to Howard. He was an absolute godsend for me.


Criminal Defense Client from Westfield, NJ

I was arrested this past spring and charged with misappropriation of funds from my former employer. I was ready to end it all before I met with Mr. Weinstein. He was so helpful to me I can never thank him enough. I was so afraid that I would go to jail. Instead I avoided trial and got probation and a fine and restitution. The main thing to me was that he took my phone calls and answered my emails even though I was going crazy. I think he went above and beyond the call for me, and I will forever be greatful for his understanding nature.

Ron from Morristown

Criminal Defense Client

I got charged with a possession of an illegal gun, but it wasn’t mine. The prosecutor insisted on making me take a state prison sentence in order to avoid really having the book thrown at me. Mr. Weinstein did a motion that was ingenious, and the result was that the gun evidence could not be used against me. Wow, it was like a miracle. Since they couldn’t prove the other charges, I ended up getting everything dismissed.

In addition to all of that, this lawyer returns emails and phone calls ON THE SAME DAY! I was very impressed and would recommend him to anyone looking for a good criminal lawyer.


From South Orange, NJ

I highly recommend Mr. Weinstein! I hired him based on a successful outcome from a friend who had the same case as mine. He had wonderful things to say so I took his word and hired him and I am delighted with his services. He has far exceeded my expectations in all areas. He is communicative, trustworthy and on top of everything pertaining to my case. Mr. Weinstein is extremely knowledgeable and has taken all of the intricate details of my case and created a clear cut explanation and defense. I am so pleased with his services and highly recommend him! He made a difficult situation in my life much easier and helped me through this tremendously.

A DWI Client

From Maplewood, NJ

My case was already tried and I was found guilty, even though I was innocent. Thanks to Howard, I was able to go for appeals and finally have the case dismissed and clear my name.

Howard’s a:
Very reliable and accessible lawyer, who always get back to you.
Very thorough and spent time to explain everything clearly to me.
Very supportive and compassionate, especially when I was down and almost lost hope.

If you are in trouble and you need help go to HOWARD, he will get results.


From Union, NJ

I have known Howard for 20+ years and I know he is an exceptional lawyer, devoted to his clients. The kind of lawyer you want in an emergency. I have referred clients to Howard in the past and will do so again in the future. I strongly endorse this lawyer’s work.

Neal Jacobs

Business Attorney in Philadelphia, PA

I endorse this lawyer’s work. Since first meeting Mr. Weinstein in 2002, I have referred many criminal and traffic matters to him with confidence that he not only has a thorough understanding of the his area of law but that he conscientiously seeks to advise his clients as to viable outcomes and to advocate zealously on their behalf.

Philip Stern

Debt Collection Attorney in Union, NJ

I endorse this lawyer. Mr. Weinstein is a terrific lawyer that gets results. I highly recommend him. He is intelligent, experienced and provides excellent advice and service.

Nicholas Fortuna

Employment / Labor Attorney in New York, NY

I endorse this lawyer. Howard is a highly skilled attorney that is well respected in the legal community.

Kevin Orr

Criminal Defense Attorney in Newark, NJ

I endorse this lawyer. I have known Howard Weinstein for many years. He is a knowledgable and well respected lawyer in the community. He truly cares about his clients.

Dana Scarrillo

Criminal Defense Attorney in Bloomfield, NJ

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